Our Journey starts with a meeting. Each and every special experience always starts with a meeting, think about it! You can get in touch with us by e-mail or  phone and then we’ll meet here at the studio so as to get to know each other better, face to face.

We’ll sit down enjoying a nice cup of tea or a glass of good wine and you’ll get the chance to tell us about your desires, your little manias, your passions and habits of everyday life, and also about how you’ve always imagined the most beautiful day of your life. You can bring pictures, drawings and ideas.

The first step looks easier than you think, but after that nothing will ever be as it was before.

The project


A fter the first meeting, the moment of the project comes. Once we’ve collected your suggestions and your desires we’ll turn them into a creative wedding planning & design project. It will be a whole new story that talks about you, like a perfectly tailored suit.

The project defines the unique character of the wedding, it reveals everything in advance: the vendors, the colour palette, the materials that will be used, the flowers and fabrics, the atmosphere of the ceremony and the essence of the event. Nothing is left to chance. Every little detail is like a work of art that we’ll create thinking of you.

The suite


T he graphic design of your wedding is called “the suite”. Colours and ideas make up the atmosphere: a small universe of characters and feelings that is only yours, because every wedding is unique and unrepeatable.

First of all we create the invitation suite which will be the calling card of your ceremony. Following the creation of the invitation we’ll design and make all the other matching pieces, such as menus, orders of service, labels, tags, stickers, packaging material, the table plan, etc.

We’ll send you pictures taken in our studio of the samples of your customized wedding design pieces so that you can taste the intimate flavour of your tailored project.

The set up


A nd when at last the day of the ceremony comes, don’t think that our journey together will already be over:it’s just that exciting part of it in which everything has to be absolutely perfect.

We’ll arrive,  arrange the set-up, hang up the lights, bring the music, we’ll work together with the florist and the catering personnel, we’ll follow  the “mise en place“ and we’ll have a briefing with the photographers. We’ll take care of the day,: we’ll beyour eyes,  your heart and  your mind.

You won’t need to worry about anything, we’ll be the ones conducting the orchestra, letting the magic begin. We’ll make sure   everything is ready on time. You and your guests will only have to enjoy your day.

Are you ready to enjoy your emotions?

Our weddings

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