“In the heart of the Emilia region there is a wedding design workshop where marriages are made by hand as precious objects, as tailored clothes. Elisa and Floriana meet future spouses in Fidenza, in an small old street just a few steps away from the Duomo. A journey that smells of paper, India ink and elderflower starts from here.”


I always had a creative personality. It’s stronger than me. I studied at art school and I enrolled at the Academy of Brera. I’m Floriana and we can say that I was born in a Bottega. Nello, my grandfather, was a shoemaker here in Fidenza. He was well known to all. The Bottega was right next to my grandparents’ house. My grandmother sewed shoes and from time to time she went to the kitchen to stir the spinach. Work and life were a bit like the same thing. I drew my inspiration from the name of this place, Bottega: Il Ghirigoro Bottega.

In 2009 I gave up a job in a Government office. I felt like I was missing something. So I tried. I made my dream come true. With my head in the clouds, my feet firmly grounded and the little Blue wagging his tail beside me. I started all over again, in the summer, with the help of Alex, my husband. We fixed this bare and empty place that was once a gym, then a music circle. Il Ghirigoro Bottega was born in 2010 and flourished as a creative laboratory and Indie craft store. I designed the first marriages almost by accident. At that moment I realized what I was becoming. Then Elisa came, as usual, at the right time.


While I am the creative spirit of il Ghirigoro, ELISA is the more rational soul. Together we are a perfect balance. Elisa is definitely quieter than me. He has two children. She is precise, passionate, and she is about to start a course to learn the good etiquette at the table and the perfect “mise en place”.

Our brides immediately recognize these two souls of Ghirigoro. As they open that door and move the curtain to enter the Bottega, a chemistry that we find it hard to tell, is born. The design of a wedding is always a mix between someone’s ideas and desires and our ability to realize them, to turn them into a drawing, into a mood board, choosing the colors and the right words.


Some think that the wedding planner is a routine work you do at the table, something for which you do not have to dirty your hands. Our philosophy is so much different. The wedding day we come up with our van. Elisa, I, our helpers, decorations and all what we need. We unload the van, we agree with the location, we make a few calls just to see if everything is ready. Then come the flowers, the catering and the puzzle begins taking its shape.

For one day we are our bride and groom’s eyes, heart and mind. You don’t have to worry about the catering or the cake cutting set. You just think about having fun and enjoy every last drop of emotion. Because this is your part. We take care that guests are relaxed and happy. We are we to say to the catering: “now you can throw rice” or” wait just a minute, let them dance one song more “. Someone told us that our work is so much similar to that of a movie director or that of a coach of a team. We like to think of leading the pace, keeping time like an orchestra conductor.


Our heart is in Emilia region, although we like to think that we have long roots, able to go far away. We keep the passion for summer celebrations so usual in our Emilia land, wet with the dew of Saint John, laughter and music, the silence of the churches on the hills. The taste for good food made with love. The good wine scent.

We are specialized in quality wedding, high quality ones, tied to our territory, to the places we know and call them by name, from the lowlands in the area nearby Parma to the hills in the sorroundings of Piacenza. Although it is not that hard to meet us on Garda Lake as well.


At the very beginning the sign of il Ghirigoro was an illustration of a tree full of colours and creative fruits. Then, one day, surfing the internet, I found a drawing and the words “Let Love anchor your soul”.
I immediately fell in love with this. The anchor is an ancient symbol that comes from the Bible and it is a deep force that gives you confidence, no matter what happens.
Once you have your own anchor, storms do not make you afraid at all.


We say it often. Our experience with bride and groom is more like a journey than the organization of an event.
Yes, it is true. All our work leads to that day. The best day of all.
But there is much more behind it. What really counts are the emotions you fell from the very first moment. When you came in our Bottega, you sat, you looked at the project for the first time and you thought: “ Finally it is really going to happen “ .
A drop of rain can not ruin such a journey. It ‘s a memorable day that stays with you forever. Whatever happens. Maybe that’s why many of our brides return and see us, even after their marriage: an important bond has been established.



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